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The Best Pet of All

I am such a lucky man! I get to make my living writing and illustrating books for young people. Welcome to my website where you can read about my books, discover what I was like as a kid, and even try your hand at some of my puzzles.

What's New with David?

Here are a few of the things I've been up to lately:

David LaRochelle's New Books

Mike, David, Cow and Paul Bunyan

Mike Wohnoutka, Cow, and I had a wonderful time this past year visiting 59 libraries across Minnesota as part of the state's early literacy program Once Upon a Reader. Thank you to all the librarians, children, and families who welcomed us so enthusiastically!

And coming in 2016, two new picture books by David!

Monster & Son, illustrated by Joey Chou, April 2016.

This is NOT a Cat!, illustrated by Moo! artist Mike Wohnoutka, August 2016.

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