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Watch Reese Witherspoon read The Best Pet of All at the White House!

The Best Pet of All

I am such a lucky man! I get to make my living writing and illustrating books for young people. Welcome to my website where you can read about my books, discover what I was like as a kid, and even try your hand at some of my puzzles.

What's New with David?

Here are a few of the things I've been up to lately:

Geisel Award
See the Dog
Mike Wohnoutka and I are happy to announce our new beginning reader, See the Dog: Three Stories About a Cat, a follow-up to our Geisel-winning book See the Cat. It has already received two starred reviews, and we are delighted!   See the Cat: Three Stories about a Dog
Watch Mike give me a lesson on How to Apologize!
Trailer for How to Apologize

And don't forget our new picture book, How to Apologize, a humorous guidebook that provides plenty of examples of how (and how not!) to say "I'm sorry."

How to Apologize
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