I love to enter contests! In fact two of my picture books, A Christmas Guest and The Best Pet of All, began as contest entries. But I’ve been entering contests long before I ever became a published author.

My first national win came in 1975 when I was fourteen-years-old, in a contest sponsored by Shasta Soda Pop. The object of the contest was to tell in thirty words or less why Shasta’s fourteen flavors of pop were more fun than one. Here’s my winning entry:

Shasta’s fabulous fourteen flavors are far more fantastic than one flat, foul, fickle, flop of a flavor. They’re freezy, frosty, fizzy, and far-out. Finally, they’re fun! I’m your fan forever.

My prize? A seven-minute shopping spree at our local grocery store!

Some of my other prizes, and the contests in which I won them, include:

A trip to Disney World in a coloring contest for adults

A trip to Paris for winning a national scavenger hunt with my friend Gary Nygaard

$10,000 and a home entertainment center for making a five-minute video about Senokot laxative

$40,000 for describing in twenty-five words why Healthy Choice Foods makes me feel like a million (that’s $1600 per word!)

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