The Haunted Hamburger

The Haunted Hamburger and Other Ghostly Stories
by David LaRochelle
illustrated by Paul Meisel
Dutton Children's Books, 2011
Ages 4 to 8
ISBN 978-0-525-42272-3

When two little ghosts refuse to go to sleep, there's only one thing left for their father to do: tell them spooky ghost stories. But what proves scary for little ghosts will be hilarious to children. A ghost who is used as a diaper? A hamburger who can win a scary face contest without moving? Read the book to find out the details...if you dare! It's a frightfully funny read aloud any time of the year.

Teachers, librarians, and booksellers: Check out the free extensions activities found here, including 13 ways that you can host a Hilarious Haunted Book Party!

Your students will have a rollicking time with this easy-to-read Reader's Theatre script of The Haunted Hamburger, adapted by educator Heidi Grosch. No costumes or sets necessary!

Awards and Recognition
North Carolina Children's Book Award, 2014
Book Reviews
“The humor is freewheeling and perfectly should evoke both sniggers and belly laughs.... Perfect for Halloween—but too good not to read all year round.”
“Meisel’s hapless, gap-toothed ghosts and LaRochelle’s knack for pitch-perfect bedtime storytelling make these stories light on horror but heavy on laughs.”

“As fresh as LaRochelle’s text is, Meisel’s playfully rendered illustrations capture every ridiculous, giggle-inducing moment and amps it right up. Share with the most sleep-resistant and squirmy kids for a surefire read-aloud romp.”

“Smartly written with plenty of unexpected twists, this book is sure to become a year-round bedtime favorite.”
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