How Martha Saved Her Parents From Green Beans

How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans
by David LaRochelle
illustrated by Mark Fearing
Dial Books, 2013
Ages: 5 and up
ISBN: 978-0-8037-3766-2

Martha knows that green beans are bad, very bad, but even Martha is caught off guard when a gang of mean green beans strolls into town and kidnaps her parents. She can think of only one way to save her parents—and her town—from these villainous vegetables, and it's not going to be pretty...or tasty!

Check out these coloring pages (Martha and the Green Beans) from Mark Fearing, or try your hand at making your own “Wanted” poster for a bad green bean!
Awards and Recognition
Minnesota Book Award finalist, 2014
Tennessee Volunteer Book Award nominee, 2015-2016
Wanda Gag Read Aloud Honor Book, 2014
Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award nominee, 2015-2016
Wyoming Buckaroo Book Award nominee, 2014-2015
Book Reviews
“A hilarious spin on the kid who doesn't like to eat vegetables....With a wacky premise and a perfect tone, this saga is sure to please vegetable haters everywhere.”
“Dramatically comic illustrations rely on bold colors as well as exaggerated gestures and facial expressions to heighten the absurd....A must for picky eaters.”
“LaRochelle's completely silly story has a wonderfully ridiculous flavor and will ring true for many families who struggle with picky eaters. Mark Fearing's bold, sassy mixed digital and media illustrations capture each character's mood and reactions with comic flare. The mean green bean gang, with their cowboy and pirate fashions, is despicably delightful. The expressions on Martha's dog's face, alone, are worth the read.”
“LaRochelle's text is both picturesque and succinct, a tasty treat to read aloud.”
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