I’ve always enjoyed creating and solving puzzles. When I was in elementary school, I’d spend hours drawing elaborate mazes for my friends to solve. Now that I’ve grown up, I get paid to make puzzles!

My puzzle books include:

Detective Dave's Mad Mysteries

The Mad Mysteries series:

The Case of the Missing Lynx Trapped in Hill House
A Dog Gone Dilemma The Invisible Suit Case
The Pirate's Yo-Ho Hoax Miss Taken's Identity
Detective Dave's Bummer Vacation Detective Dave: Space Case

And the newly released collection of six books in one: Detective Dave's Mad Mysteries

Picture That! Christmas Puzzles

And the Picture That! books:

Picture That! Christmas Puzzles
Picture That! Halloween Puzzles

Are you up for a little detective work yourself? Try one of the puzzles from The Pirate's Yo-Ho Hoax. Or you can try two of the many puzzles I created for Spider and Cricket magazines: Everything Under the Sun or Mrs. Pat and Her Big Red Hat.

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